Estate Planning

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The flat fee for Estate Planning services includes:

An initial meeting to discuss your personal situation and your estate planning goals; Review and analysis of your family and asset information; Preparation of first drafts of your estate planning documents, which will be legally sound and reflect all the information you have provided; A “review meeting” to discuss the first drafts and any revisions you may wish to make; Preparation of the final drafts, suitable for signing; and A final meeting or signing ceremony to execute your documents.

JLT Law offers three levels of bundled estate planning services, depending on your goals and assets.

Some miscellaneous costs are not included in the flat fee: Mileage charges (trips of more than 50 miles), fees to record documents with county (at cost), and attorney’s fees to file out-of-state deed documents. There is no additional charge to notarize  or witness your signature.

Level One

$1,500 individual / $2,750 married couple

Level Two

$2,500 individual / $4,750 married couple

Level Three

$4,500 individual / $6,500 married couple

Call for a Free Consultation to see which Level of estate planning is the right fit for you and your family.

Monthly Advocate

Monthly Flat Fee, Full Representation

The Monthly Advocate provides full legal representation without the burden of a large retainer up front.  A pre-paid fee of $1,000.00 provides for lawyer availability and representation for THIRTY DAYS, including document preparation & review; on-call counsel; representation in communication with opposing counsel/party; representation in alternative dispute resolution and in court; and all mileage and copies for the scope agreed upon by you and JLT Law.  This subscription does not include pre-trial, trial, fees of other professionals, or filing fees. Requires a signed Representation Agreement.

Monthly Advocate Subscription

$1,000 per month

Call for a Free Consultation to see if this subscription is the right fit for you and your case

Trusted Advisor

Monthly Subscription

The law is everywhere. Things happen that we know will have consequences, but what? And how?

The Trusted Advisor subscription is like having a lawyer in the family.  It's designed for quick answers to vexing legal questions such as, "Do I have a case?" "Is this a scam?" "Can they come after me for that?" "Do I need a lawyer?"

For a low, monthly fee you can have someone to call with those questions that keep you up at night. Someone to look over that "too good to be true" offer or email you just got.

Large, national websites like "Space Lawyer" or "Legal Whoosh" can't give you the personalized service a licensed, local lawyer can provide. Don't you sometimes wish you had a trusted advisor you could call for advice?

Monthly Advisor Subscription

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