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Choosing the right attorney to represent you in your Family Law matter is a major decision. The counsel you receive throughout the progress of your case will affect the outcome and, consequently, the relationship you have with your children, the relationship with your ex-spouse or co-parent, and your finances going forward. You owe it to everyone to choose carefully.

The New Leaf ConsultationSM is designed to help you make an informed, empowered decision that is not based on cost alone.

The day you book a New Leaf ConsultationSM, we begin working with you on that decision. You will receive a Pre-Consult Package that includes valuable information and evaluations to complete. These evaluations will help assess key points of your case that will help determine its course, the style of attorney that best fits your goals, and key steps to consider going forward.

The one-hour New Leaf ConsultationSM meeting is based on attorney analysis of your Pre-Consult Package.  There is a one-time charge of $250.00. If you decide to retain JLT|Law, that amount is applied toward your fee agreement. 

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